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It is time, right now, that you start to pay close attention to the ingredient list on the pet foods that you buy at the store. This article is dedicated to that need and what you learn here will forever change your attitude about commercial pet food. We have already seen what happened last year on the pet food recall due to using contaminated melamine as a protein source.

Masterfoods say this about their feeding trials ‘Adult maintenance trials may take six months to complete. A full veterinary examination is also conducted to ensure the pets used in the trial are healthy. Food intakes and body weights are recorded throughout the trial period along with other important indicators such as oral health, skin and coat health, body condition and fecal quality.

At the conclusion of the trial a blood sample is taken to detect any nutritional deficiencies or excesses. As a further measure to assess palatability, in home feeding trials are conducted as we have access to approximately 8,000 households. This ensures we get a true reflection of pets’ acceptance and preference of the product range. Some pet food products may take up to three years to develop because of this rigorous three-step testing process.

There is also evidence that feeding cats grains will cause stress to the kidneys causing renal failure. There are also other kinds of carbohydrates in the ingredient list that have no value to a cat’s nutrition such as soy and potato. One has to ask the question why do they use this and the answer is cost. It is cheaper to add grain protein so the nutrition values look good on paper but have nothing to do with a proper diet for a carnivore.

This is all filler so for your cat to have the proper level of good usable protein it would have to consume two to three times more than recommended on the label. You get the picture real quick, make it cheaper and feed the cat more so you buy more frequently. The almighty dollar comes before your pet’s health and that is what is wrong with the pet food business.

It is important to note that while the available science is against it, many people still choose to feed their pets a “raw food diet” it is a current hot trend. Some feel that the manufacturers themselves bias the “science” as they stand to lose considerable money from sales. This may be true, but then again it may not; at the very least there must be some truth present. Just because someone uses the science to market his or her own products, does not mean that the science is necessarily wrong or flawed. Because of this it is imperative that pet owners educate themselves and make their own informed decision on what is right for them and their pets.



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