Minutes after feeding my cat a can of 9 Lives Real Tuna flakes in Sauce, he fell to the ground gasping for air. After frantically trying to save my cats life, he luckily started breathing again. I bought these cans at Pet Supplies Plus, and returned them to show over 30 bones were in EACH CAN. Some as long as 1 1/4″ long. Many shards of bones were very sharp. It was a wonder why my cat did not die. Why is 9 Lives STILL selling this? * Pet Supplies Plus told me they have since removed this kind off their shelves. HOWEVER, this food is still being sold in stored EVERYWHERE. If you see bones in your pets food, RETURN THEM FOR REFUND ASAP. Don’t assume your pets could, or should, be eating what is in these store brand foods!!! Please report all finding of bones and other objects when you find them in your pets food. One report may save the life of someone’s best friend out there…or even yours!

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